Saturday, April 9, 2016

Foxxikitten Cos-Creation

It is always interesting to meet Cosplayers because we all come from such diverse backgrounds. Kit Compton is a prime example. Talented costumer and creator, she is also a rather tenacious Lawyer. She devotes a good deal of her time to dressing in costume, with other generous cosplayers, as apart of a regular free event at New World Comics, Superhero School.

  I first met Kit at a Steampunk event nearly 5 years ago. I recall the first time I met her. She was dressed as Steampunk Leia. It was an event where many in our vast circle of geek friends met. I have seen her costumes evolved over the years. She's very dedicated to creating her costumes. Sewing spandex, restyling wigs, dealing with contacts, and experimenting with body paint.

The struggles do not stop there. Any cosplayer can attest that once in costume, other issues pop up.

The foremost? No pockets.

Now, that isn't exactly always the case but the majority of the time it is. You know, we cosplayers like to eat and buy stuff too. It's always a hassle to find a convenient place to stash the cash, business cards, or even our I.D.'s - for those of us [21+] who need to make a quick trip to the bar for a stiff drink. Cosplay is a struggle, y'all.

Kit's solution?

Geek worthy small handbags & cross-body bags. Each one unique and crafted to accent your cosplay.

Her company Foxxikitten Cos-Creations offers a variety of licensed print bags and even billfolds. She sells locally in a new geek-tastic store called My Chic Geek located in Oklahoma City. The only other way to get your hands on her fantastic products? Facebook via her page shop.

Not a cosplayer? This isn't some exclusive line where you are required to don tights and a cape. Her bags and billfolds are great for any geek and nerd.

You can also follow her Cosplay page - Foxxikitten Cosplay for further updates about new products or just to see her amazing costumes.

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